Our clients get the most professional and efficient service delivery at Keller. We focus on quality and speedy delivery and never take our foot off of the pedal when it comes to customer satisfaction. Trust us when it comes to accountability, responsibility, maintenance and professional competence in the management and administration of all your development, lease and rental properties. We understand your needs and offer due diligence, risk mitigation for property owners, rental solutions and a 24/7 responsive communication model.

Accounting Services

KPM ensures that all procedures meet the specifications for the auditor of your choice. We prepare checks for payables, reconcile the bank statements, collect dues and assessments, make deposits and track all accounts for delinquents. The accounting team utilizes the Peachtree software to constantly keep track of rentals. (List any forms and audit related documents) We have a proven track record of keeping accounts out of collections by being proactive with late accounts. Each Board member receives and reviews the detailed financial statement.

Vendor Relationships

KPM prepares vendor contracts to meet the requirements of the Articles of Incorporation and specifications established by the Board of Directors. We obtain multiple bids to present to the Board for final approval. We also oversee all vendors to ensure quality and contract compliance.


We make scheduled physical inspections of all properties to look for repair needs, safety hazards, code violations, lease violations. To stay on top of issues that need to be addressed we maintain individual records and prepare periodic reports on the condition of the properties.

Homeowner Relationships

Our office team uses a state of the art Customer Relationship Management tool to track all correspondence with homeowners and vendors. At each meeting the Board of Directors is provided with a detailed report of all correspondence for concerns and resolutions that we were made aware of during the previous month. KPM team members are in the office Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 4:30 pm and we also provide an after hours and emergency phone number to all of our clients and homeowners.

Additional Services

KPM provides notary services, newsletters, bulk mailings, copying, faxing, insurance claim settlement, auditing and tax services for the convenience of our clients. KPM is available on the web. We provide each association with interactive website access. We publish links to the builder information, as well as, community resources and current association related news and updates. KPM would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss our company with you. We feel we can be the company you are looking for to manage your association and to provide your homeowners with the professional, reliable service they deserve. If you have any questions or would like list of references please call our offices at 952-432-3722 or e-mail us at